Mantra caveat

If you haven't already, do first look over my post on Mantra work before proceeding.


RÄM is a Warrior energy. (In another post, I will talk about the three stages of development: Warrior, Sage & Ruler further). It can be used to awaken and excite the warrior power within. This is primarily a masculine energy and highly recommended for anyone who needs to work dynamically and actively. Perhaps you have a difficult task ahead, or a presentation that requires your full presence and enthusiasm, or you're going to do a rock climb, do physical warrior training or even to generally strengthen your inner masculine (mental powers, active creativity). These are all good uses of this sound seed and I encourage you to comment below if this mantra helped you, what it helped you with and how you felt it working with you.

How to

When beginning to work with this sound seed, we start with AH.

Intone the AH sound as many times as you need to feel its essence. AH is a foundational sound, a primary sound seed forming the basis of so many syllables in the primordial language.

When you're ready, add the R and make it RAH, the name given by the Egyptians to the sun but more generally the Solar logos itself and tap in to the sheer dynamic potency of this energy, it is our very ability to work miracles!

When you have intoned RAH to the point of feeling its essence as best you can, you may add the M sound and make the complete RAHM. The addition of the M sound will add a feminine aspect to this warrior mantra, so let that M create a cooling hum and take time to abide there after you have moved through the heat generating R-AH portion, in effect, letting it go.

live alchemy - December, 16, 2018